To me, children are the embodiment of freedom.

When they're mad they'll growl and stomp their tiny feet, when happy they'll smile ear to ear, squeal and giggle, when sad-hungry-ill-whatever-is-bothering-them they'll cry at their most boastful capacity not caring one bit where they are or who hears it. They'll eat, get it all over themselves then play to exhaustion to only fall asleep half standing wearing their meals. 


What I enjoy achieving in  Good Eye for Infancy is photographing a child being... childlike.

Lifestyle and documentary photography is my thing.

I do no traditional portraiture. There will be no  "freezing" for the camera. I catch them being themselves in their element (thankfully kids are very comfortable around me so they let me in their space) allowing me to deliver photos of quality that'll melt you with cuteness, and forever transport you back to the sweet times of your children's infancy. 

Lets get some genuine gorgeous pictures of your child ! 

- Stephanie S.


Stephanie’s photography captured our son perfectly his innocence, his playfulness, and his spirit! She’s got such a good eye for those precious moments! - Zella M.